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A pioneer in the development and manufacture of fatty amides worldwide for more than 50 years, PMC Biogenix develops the global market leader Armoslip® – a broad selection of plastics additives, wax additives and lubricants to a wide range of applications.

Serving the global amides industry

PMC Biogenix is a global, innovation-driven developer, manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals produced from renewable resources.

The combination of over 50 years of experience developing and manufacturing oleochemical derivatives, dedication to innovation in new products and chemistries, and strong technical application support create the foundation of a powerful portfolio of chemical products that find applications in virtually every chemical end market.

PMC Biogenix has been the pioneer in the development and manufacture of fatty amides worldwide. Our proprietary technology has expanded over 50 years to give us today’s leading market position.

Our Armoslip® fatty amide products, a focus of our Gyeongju, South Korea facility, provide a broad selection of plastics additives to a wide range of applications.

The 2014 addition of our Gyeongju facility demonstrates PMC Biogenix continued commitment to consistent and reliable supply of high quality fatty amides to our global customer base. Our strong and secure sourcing of critical, unique, and natural raw material is evidenced by our truly global manufacturing footprint with manufacturing sites in North America and Asia.

Armoslip® slip agents provide lubricity, chemical and thermal stability and melting ranges that find useful applications to solve a variety of technical challenges.

The Armoslip® product line includes various grades of primary amides, including erucamide, oleamide and stearamide versions.

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PMC Biogenix Korea is located within South Korea’s business-friendly high-tech Gyeongju Industrial Complex.


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PMC Group is a growth oriented, diversified, global chemicals company dedicated to innovative solutions to everyday needs.



Slip agents and anti-block additives lubricate and provide excellent bloom control and secondary mold-release.


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Gyeongju is the traditional cultural capital of South Korea AND a fast-growing  industry hub, making this an exciting place to live.